Lavender & Lillie at Illums Bolighus Oslo

Our English fragrance and cosmetics brand Lavender & Lillie is rapidly growing also in the Norwegian market.

The L&L range represent chic and alluring luxury products, combining beauty and function with a strong focus on design. The cosmetic products are made with high quality ingredients and are rich and nourishing for the skin. 

The complex fragrances evoke memories and inspire your imagination; transporting you to destinations around the world. You can capture them in your home and choose from 6 different fragrances, as diffusers or candles - or perhaps both. The beautiful, illustrated porcelain containers are - of course - reusable. As pure decoration or for all those little things...

We are very proud that Lavender & Lille now is available at the two Illums Bolighus stores in Oslo, and in more than 20 other selected stores in Norway.

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Very soon...

... You will find the beautiful scarves from Bella Ballou in Norwegian stores. As always with gorgeous prints and very nice qualities.

Made with love and care... for you!

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First part of...

... a new season is on its way!

We're happy to announce the delivery of new and nice fashionstyles from Catwalk Junkie

Within a few days, the first part of the fall '20 collection C'est magnifique can be found in selected Norwegian stores. Perfect looks and outfits for nice late summer days - and nights! Hurry up to get your favourite item in your size.


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